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 SAMP advertisment [PROGRESS]

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PostSubject: SAMP advertisment [PROGRESS]   SAMP advertisment [PROGRESS] EmptyWed Jun 08, 2011 7:12 am

PLEASE comment on things i still need to add before posting in samp forum

JC-Role Play
Basic server description:
This is no ordinary role play. We aim to make game play FUN by often hosting events such as go kart race, demolition derby, DM arena and more

This Server is only a week old. Our team of admins have been on SAMP servers for over a year now and know what people want out of “good” admins. We are here to make your SAMP experience more enjoyable.
I cannot stress enough that because this is a new server we NEED new dedicated players to try out our server and be active. (dedicated players will receive “rewards” such as major house/biz discounts from admins as a thanks for their support) For those player that do as much as possible to help out and make the community a better place, these players be in the running to potentially become Moderators 

Main Features
- Many very nice houses/bizs available still as this is a newly opened server.
- The aim of the server is to get a job and Role Play to earn money.
- You can ask an admin nicely about creating a house for you *IF there is no house in the *realistic* location
- Daily pay day
- New features are regularly added to the game.

- Jobs include Police Officer, FBI Agent, SWAT Force, Criminal, Hitman, Public Driver, Pilot, Trucker, Medic, Firefighter & more.
- Side-jobs include farming and much more

- You can buy you own vehicle (car, plane, heli or boat).
- Share your vehicles keys with another player, working fuel system and get your car repaired if it breaks down.
- Upgrade your vehicle with a gps system and more.
- Tuneable cars can have the mods saved or removed (including paintjobs).
- *realistic* Speedometer (server has reasonable speed limits).
- Turn your car engine on and off

- Buy your own house.
- Lock or unlock your house to other players.
- Well over 20 different house interiors.
- Park your vehicle outside your house.
- Store items in your house.

- Buy your own business.
- Choose its name & open/close status.
- Generate income & upgrade security.
- Different style Businesses are available such as Clubs, Burgershots, Ammunations, Restaurants and much more for you to personally own/manage.

- Use one of your jobs allocated skins.
- Buy your own unique skin.
- Customize your skin with wearable objects such as helmets & sunglasses.

- Become part of one of the servers Gangs, and chill in your HQ.
- Become a member of a clan and chat privately.
- Gangs have their own vehicles spawned at their HQ.

- Pay taxes on your vehicle & house or you may get it impounded by the state!
- Win money in the daily lottery.
- You can buy drinks, learn new fighting styles, bet in the casino, increase your gun skills, use a variety of animations & much more.
- We have a dedicated admin team to help out the players and create fun events.
- Server anticheat (Peter Griffin) protects the players from cheaters.
- The server language is English.
-Non-RP names are allowed as this is a slightly more “chilled out” RP server
-working /wank that restore HP Wink (female character can do similar if they own a dildo.
More information on the server can be found on our website and forum.

You can chat and see the server echo on our IRC channel.
#JC.ingamechat on

Getting Started
Information & /help is available for new players.

In-Game Help
The entire game is documented through the /help command in game.
Use /**** to ask a question or for help from our admin team.
Use /ooc send a message to all players in game.
And any other questions should be answered by admins ingame or in the Tutorial section of


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PostSubject: Re: SAMP advertisment [PROGRESS]   SAMP advertisment [PROGRESS] EmptyWed Jun 08, 2011 10:03 am

Nice i like it

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SAMP advertisment [PROGRESS]
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